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Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs, May 7, Neurolux

Lighten up


In 2008, when Boise Weekly spoke to Holly Golightly (her real name), she had just purchased some property down South and would be playing Boise for the first time. A lot can happen in six years and, for a musician, hopefully that includes making music and touring--British-born Golightly has done plenty of both, including a return to Boise and touring behind her brand-spanking-new album, All Her Fault (Transdreamer, March 2014). But it's also good when some things remain the same: All Her Fault stays true to Golightly's blues and rootsy roots; she and Lawyer Dave a.k.a. The Brokeoffs are still in their rural Georgia home, and seeing the two of them perform live is still an absolute treat.