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Hollow Wood Springs Into the Future with New EP, Seasons

New tunes


Hollow Wood's debut EP, Seasons, features the song "Oh My God," which can be heard on 94.9 The River--but it's not exactly a standard pop tune.

"We have a hundred years full of pain and fear," the band sings. "Open the door and 'Oh my God,' I screamed. / It's a horror scene, white walls you and me. / Open the door and 'Oh my God,' I screamed."

But between the song's sprightly rhythm, ringing guitar hook and rousing vocals, the lyrics don't sound despairing or fearful. Instead, lead singer Adam Jones and his bandmates sound as if they can't wait to confront the "horror scene" they're singing about.

That spirit of anticipation and engagement has helped Hollow Wood build a following in Boise and beyond. The young band signed with Red Light Management--whose clients include Alabama Shakes, Phish and Ben Harper--and Hollow Wood will hold an EP release show at The Record Exchange at 6 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 19.

Hollow Wood recorded Seasons and a follow-up EP (to be released later this year), at the home of Mark Doubleday. The local musician-engineer reached out to Hollow Wood after being blown away by a YouTube video for the song "Little Bird."

Doubleday and Joel Hager, of Z-Shift Studios, approached Jones at a Neurolux show and told him, "Hey, we want to record a couple of your songs for free. Will you let us do that?"

Doubleday--who now serves as the band's manager--sees his and Hager's offer as following a theme in Hollow Wood's career.

"At the end of the day, it's all about [the fact that] these guys are special," Doubleday said. "Regardless of whether or not I'm involved, I want to help. That's been a common denominator for a lot of people that have worked with them."

Although Hollow Wood reluctantly parted ways with some of its charter members--specifically cellist Danika McClure, violinist Katelynne Jones and singers Lindsay Wright and Shelby Juri--Doubleday believes the band is as strong as ever. He's particularly pleased with the recent addition of Calico's Ruby Somoza and the new material that the group is working on.

He sees the band as "living in the moment but never sitting back to much to enjoy it because there's a lot of work to do."