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Dear Minerva,

I have plenty of obligations during the holidays but I don't see eye to eye with my family on politics. Ever since the election, I would rather just stay away from them rather than confront them about who they voted for. I'm not sure how to handle it. What would you do? Would you go and confront them or stay home?

—Fed Up

Dear Fed Up,

I don't know about anyone else, but I am certainly growing weary of politics. It has been a constant inundation this year. Here's a novel idea: Go to the holiday functions and don't confront anyone about their politics. Instead, sit down with your family and friends and eat, drink and enjoy each other's company. Thanksgiving is next up on the holiday list. Prepare yourself now with topics that won't get you into a family feud and focus on what makes you thankful. No matter what your politics are, you will all find things in common to be thankful for. Maybe expressing those feelings of gratitude will help build a bridge for you to get over your frustration—if only for a day. The holidays don't have to be ugly; there really is enough stress this time of year as it is. Go, have fun and remember that it is hard to argue with your mouth full of Thanksgiving dinner—a dinner, I might add, that probably tastes better than the crow you might have to eat after an argument.