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Holiday Weekend Bash, July 3, Brawl Studio

5 p.m., $10


With the Fourth of July holiday falling on a Sunday, Saturday night's sky will undoubtedly be heavy with bright streaks of fireworks, the smell of barbecued meats (and sulfur) and, if you're at Brawl Studio, the refrains of some seriously hardcore music.

The non-profit, all-ages venue offers its stage to a number of both local and touring bands including during the Holiday Weekend Bash that kicks off at 5 p.m. and promises to run late with a loaded lineup: I Am Ghost (Epitaph), This Romantic Tragedy, We Are Defiance, A Tale Through Audio, Ashlynn, Stop Drop & Party, Silence the Reign, After The Impact and The Paris Funds. Handing over a Hamilton gets you in the door.

Some parents may see that kind of ear-splitting, head-banging music as a bad influence on their progeny, but Brawl's zero tolerance attitude toward drugs and alcohol may have them singing a different tune.