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Boise band A Seasonal Disguise dropped its new album, Waterfowl of Eastern Canada, last week with a big release party at Visual Arts Collective, which featured openers Larkspur, Le Fleur, Otto Van Walton and Sleepy Seeds. See Week in Review on Page 18 for more on the show.

The band has also recently completed a successful crowdfunding campaign on to raise the $2,000 required for merch and a tour to promote the album. A promo video posted by the band listed strings, T-shirts, Band-Aids, vaccinations, backup loin cloths, dental floss and a bag of shuttlecocks as some of those needs.

But not every local band needs vaccinations to record.

Members of local pop-punk band Hotel Chelsea are doing it all by their disease-ridden selves. The band is reportedly nearly done recording its debut album. Frontman Ryan Sampson, formerly of The Percolators, told Boise Weekly that the band is down to the finishing touches on the collection, which it plans on calling El Pee. (You know, because it's like L.P.? But in Spanish it means "the urine"?)

The band will leave for a spring tour after a kick-off show supporting So-Cal smut-rockers Guttermouth at The Red Room on March 6.

Another local band setting out into the world is Finn Riggins. Its latest single, "Benchwarmers," got some national attention from Nylon Magazine, which wrote: "This song is so good, it makes us totally reconsider the benchwarmer bad rap."

That high-profile blurbage came on the heels of the band's song "Blackrock" being used in an NBA commercial for the Chicago Bulls. Finn Riggins will keep busy with a March touring schedule that includes appearances at the 35 Denton Festival in Denton, Texas, several performances at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and then a quick zip back to Boise to rock the bejeezus out of Treefort Music Fest.

Boise musicophiles can follow Finn Riggins' adventures down to SXSW on BW's blog, where this reporter will be posting updates as part of ride-a-long SXSW coverage.

Not scheduled to perform at SXSW is Arcade Fire. However, the Grammy-winning chamber-pop band from the great white north has announced plans to lecture at the University of Texas at Austin on Monday, March 19, leading Pitchfork to speculate that some secret SXSW shows might be in the works.