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Hippo Campus

The Egyptian, Sunday, Feb. 10


There's a lot of wisdom in Bambi (Grand Jury, 2018), the second and latest album from Minnesota-based indie pop group Hippo Campus; specifically, the album is packed with the emotional intelligence that kick-starts empathy. Beneath Bambi's glossy electronica exterior is something worn and frayed, and its lyrics spotlight the neuroses that plague the everyday, a reaction in part, lead singer Jake Luppen told Atwood Magazine, to an eye-opening lecture the band attended on toxic masculinity. From the internal unraveling caused by complex romantic relationships ("Golden") to the frantic pressure of anxiety ("Anxious"), Bambi scans like a letter to listeners, reminding them that they aren't alone with their feelings. "I hope the takeaway is that it's OK to feel vulnerable," Luppen told AM. That the band's sound is tight and easy-listening certainly helps give voice to its litany of causes, which also include women's rights and gun control.