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Hide the Scissors


Dear Minerva,

I have a friend who was dating a guy. She seemed really into him and they seemed like a great fit for awhile but we all got this feeling that it was just one of those fun flings. Nothing serious. When the relationship failed, my friend flipped out. She even cut the crotches out of all of his pants before leaving. Now, she's trying to get back together with him. She hasn't been successful but she seems obsessed. She's sent emails, texts, driven by his house repeatedly and even shown up unexpectedly at different places knowing he'd be there. I'm afraid my friend has become a stalker. What can I do?

—Sincerely, Hiding the Scissors

Dear Hiding,

Sometimes love and pursuit can turn into a problem and I would say that is happening now. If she's actively stalking him, then it's time to seek mental health services to help get past him. We love to watch movies where people do outrageous things because of relationship issues. I mean, who didn't love the famous fire scene in Waiting to Exhale? In reality though, it's scary. The stalking paired with the now crotchless pants is more Fatal Attraction than Waiting to Exhale. As her friend, take her aside, tell her you're worried, and suggest that she seek some help before she goes too far. Maybe it won't escalate to that point, but it isn't the kind of fire one leaves unattended. I wish you luck and your friend fast, peaceful healing.