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Hi-Tops, Aug. 30-31, Visual Arts Collective

Together again


Reunion shows are a mixed bag. We want to see that our beloved bands or teen idols have grown and matured as we have, but we also want to be transported back in time with songs that meant so much to us.

The Hi-Tops came around in the early '80s, a time defined by big hair and big colors. They were loved by young Boiseans because every Hi-Tops show promised a night of big fun.

Though Earth Wind and Fire pulls it off every time, a reunion show can often leave an audience reminded of how much their tastes have changed. But the Hi-Tops are able to successfully deliver a show that combines the nostalgia of youth with musicianship gained from 30 years experience.

This is the band's third reunion show, and the two-day event features original members Steve Fulton, John Laufenburger, Ancel Schoberg, Craig Sofaly and Sandon Mayhew, with Tim Willis sitting in on drums because Dave Browne couldn't make it (via