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HeyTell Me What You Want

App makes conversations simpler


With text messaging, the "Hey, how are you? How are the kids?" pleasantries of telephone calls are replaced by "Come over at 6 p.m." or "Do you want to go to a movie?" when texting. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Occasionally you do want to hear the other person's voice, but you need to get right to the reason for calling. Hello HeyTell.

HeyTell is a free "cross-platform voice messenger" app--available for iPhone and Android--that works like voice text messaging. Download the app, add contacts and then push a button and talk. If your contact doesn't have the app open, he or she will receive a notification that you left a HeyTell message. When the person opens the app, your message plays. If the app is open, messages are played almost instantaneously.

The downfall is that messages play through the speaker, so everyone around you can hear them--discretion is advised. The upside is, you can ask your mother what time she wants you to come over without spending 10 minutes listening to her talk about your father's bladder issues. She can save that for the dinner table.

--Amy Atkins