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Hey Crazy Cat People: Find Out What Fluffy Does While You're Away

Pet's eye-view camera let's you see the world through the eyes of your favorite feline


For years, you've been trying to make your cat a LOLebrity, snapping paparazzi shots with your digital cam each time it yawns or instigates an impromptu cuddlepuddle with the dog. You might even spend idle moments at work daydreaming about all the adorable things Mr. Sniggles could be doing at home, with no human around to see and no camera to preserve it for Internet posterity.

Well, fret no more. Now you can let your pet do the work for you. Introducing the Pet's Eye View digital camera, a small 4.5-ounce camera that fastens to your pet's collar and captures all the crazy things (naps) it does all day while you're away. You can set the camera to snap a shot every 1, 5 or 15 minutes and then when you come home from a grueling day at the office, you can plug the thumb-drive-like device into your computer and download hundreds of photos of the floor, the back of the couch and underneath the bed. Or as ThinkGeek dubs it, "a photo diary of your pet's travels and travails."

As one excited potential customer posted on the Pet's Eye View Facebook page, "Well, it's more like whether he has any friends or is secretly getting fed at other people's houses! I mean, the last time he disappeared, Osama Bin Laden was killed ... coincidence? I think not."