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He's More Than Just A Dood

Josh Martinez and the Sex Buffet Tour, Grove Street, October 21


Josh Martinez and the Sex Buffet Tour, Grove Street, October 21

Think of an instrument that has no place in popular music. Truthfully no instrument or sound is beyond the reach of hip-hop. It is a genre that opens its arms to everything: every kind of instrument, music and musician. Josh Martinez's music is a fine example of that all-inclusive spirit.

Martinez, a member of the hip-hop group Chicharones and frontman for rockers the Pissed Off Wild, does something for hip-hop that many hip-hop musicians have been unable to do: He makes it accessible to even those of us who don't listen to much hip-hop. Where most hip-hop music seems to be lyrically about how very little or very much the artist has: women, money, power. Martinez' songs live somewhere in the middle of those extremes. In "Just A Dood," a summertime, hanging-out-on-the-stoop kind of song, he waxes on the familiar notion that boys will be boys: "I'm just a dude and I do things the way dudes do/'Cause I'm glued and stuck on you but I say, 'Do what you need to do'/I'll be here, drinking a beer, looking around, holding it down/Thinking of you." There are no gats, no beotches and no bling. Martinez uses clever rhymes and sense of humor laid over beautiful instrumentation (his song "Cheers" has a bittersweet flute line gliding through it) and beats to get his story out. On his Web site (, he's pictured holding a plastic toy guitar. I wouldn't be surprised to hear it on one of his tracks.

--Amy Atkins

October 21, 9 p.m., $10, with Evil and Whiskey Blanket, Grove Street, 105 S. 6th St., upstairs, 287-9200.