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Here Are Some Other Newborns That Deserve Your Attention

While you await the royal baby, 15 kids will be born in a single Syrian refugee camp


The Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan is meant to house 60,000 people displaced by the Syria conflict. So far, 160,000 now crowd the 2.8 square-mile camp, making it Jordan’s fifth-largest city. There is one clinic in Zaatari, which keeps one doctor and two midwives on staff at all times. There is also one hospital to provide C-sections, run by the Moroccan military, where one gynecologist and one anesthesiologist might oversee five deliveries a day.

As the world awaits the birth of Prince William's heir in London, between 13 and 15 babies will be delivered in the Zaatari refugee camp.

Below, you'll see a Storify, chronicling the many Syrian refugee newborns, who are beginning life, with limited media attention, in Jordan's Zaatari Refugee Camp.

According to Yasmin Al Tellawy:

"Children no longer get the be children. They have to be adults now from a young age, help out their families, living a very difficult life, trying recovering from tragedies they have witnessed. The Children of Syria are suffering in the worst ways possible inside Syria and in neighbouring countries. It is so heartbreaking to see, and hear the sad stories these children now have to share with others."