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Henry's Kitchen Is a Crack Up

Henry Phillips makes Rachael Ray look like a gourmet chef


TV chefs tend to further the illusion that cooking is easy. Ingredients come pre-portioned in color-coordinated bowls, which are dumped in succession into a fragrant pan--no onion eyes or garlic-stained fingers in sight. Henry Philips is not that kind of chef.

On his YouTube cooking show, Henry's Kitchen, the clean-cut average dude awkwardly bumbles through bachelor-type recipes, all while giving camera-shy, cringe-worthy commentary.

On the first episode, Henry shows folks how to make his Killer Oven-Baked French Toast, kicking things off with a few words of wisdom: "French toast was originally originated by the French."

Henry gets bits of shell in the eggs, mangles his cheap loaf of bread with a dull knife, substitutes maple-flavored syrup for vanilla extract and forgets to turn on the oven. And this is one of his most successful episodes.

When Henry attempts his Anytime Chili for One in episode two, things go even worse:

"The recipe that I'm using makes it for six to eight people, but I'm only making chili for one, so I'm going to be dividing every one of the ingredients by seven," Henry mumbles.

Backed by sad piano music and public access-style choppy editing with flowery '90s graphics, Henry's Kitchen is so awful, you heave a sigh of relief when it becomes apparent that he's in on the joke.

[ Video is no longer available. ]