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Help the Police, Won't You?


Do you pick up strange teenagers on the side of the road? If you happen across a knife on the ground, do you pick it up and adopt it as your own? If you answered in the affirmative to either question, the Boise Police want to chat with you--but not in a bad way, at least this time.

Detectives are hoping to track down a motorist who may have given a ride to 16-year-old Ethan Windom in the early morning hours of January 25. Windom is accused of murdering his mother, 42-year-old Judy Windom, earlier that evening, and officers think he may have hitched a ride across town after committing the crime. If so, they'd like to hear from that driver, although they don't suspect he or she was involved in the incident itself. Officers are also seeking information concerning the whereabouts of a 4-inch butterfly knife that may have been involved in the crime. Boise police spokesperson Lynn Hightower said detectives have recovered several other weapons from the crime scene, but the knife could be a worthy addition to their evidentiary collection.

"Either or both of these pieces of evidence may or may not exist," Hightower said. "But this is a serious case, and so we have to pursue every lead."