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Helicopter Christmas Light Tours


Astronauts, rock stars, Magnum P.I.: Clearly, helicopters are for big shots. Simply by riding in one you get to look down on others. Literally. Helicopters even manage to bring big-shot status to local news traffic reporters. If helicopters can do that, then clearly their powers are nearly magical.

But why does that matter to you? It's Christmastime and everything is magical already, right? Wrong. 'Cause while you're out there, schlepping around, looking at all the pretty lights from the ground up like a jerk, there are geese and reindeer and bigwigs on the top floors of buildings laughing at the pitiful experience you have to endure on the ground.

There's an easy fix: the Christmas lights helicopter tour. The tour leaves nightly from the Boise Airport through Monday, Jan. 3.

They'll swoop you down over downtown, the Capitol and Idaho Botanical Garden. And they'll do it for a price that anyone--not just the Magnum P.I.'s of the world--can afford. That way you too can feel like Rudolph the Red-Nosed traffic reporter. Take that reindeer, who's special now?