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Heck on Mr Rogers on Larry Craig


Larry Craig is gayer than a bag of pink marshmallows. Or, maybe he's a married man a herd of grandlarries and an unblemished record of sex with women. Maybe he occasionally likes to get it on with men in train stations. Or, maybe he's only ever gotten on the rails for commuting.

Honestly, I'm not sure I care one way or another on any of these points. But gay activist and blogger Mike Rogers, who claims to have outed Craig on a radio show last week, cares enough for both of us. He's attempted to out too many Washington, D.C., big wheels to mention here, with a few prophectic successes--like Mark Foley, for instance. Local media, from the Idaho Statesman through the talking heads, don't seem to care. But our readers definitely care. When we posted a story online about Mr. Rogers' homoerotic revelation last Wednesday morning, our Boise Weekly Web server went limp within minutes--meaning, it crashed. The onslaught happened so quickly, it made me wonder how many Americans have "Larry Craig is gay" on their Google news alerts. By closing time on Thursday, our page was still loading more slowly than a narcoleptic sniper.

Of course, Craig--or more specifically, his press secretary--gave Rogers' claims a resounding, "Whaddevah!" To see our printed story about Craigay, one of a very small number nationwide to actually make it to ink, as far as I can tell, go to page 9--please. We need to give the Web site a break.

--Nicholas Collias