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Heatwarmer Plays The Crux

Friday, Oct. 4


Seattle-based Heatwarmer's experimental-pop sound is as hard to put a finger on as the fluff from a cottonwood tree blowing in a summer breeze.

"Magic Hearts," a track on the band's eponymous debut LP, sounds like a song from a Broadway musical set at a carnival starring Gogol Bordello. It's a frenetic, multi-layered riot of percussion, brass, woodwinds, keyboard and more, dotted with measures of simple triangle tings and jazzy passages that borrow from Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual."

Lead singer Luke Bergman paints Dali-esque word pictures with his high voice and staccato phrasing as he sings, "Forever reaching in the swirling steam / the cloying colors of the drunken dream / but spiraling into the vacuous black / put me back down, you scream." It's a swirling, soaring, boisterous, ride through a funhouse that you'll want to go on again and again.