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Heat Wave Spreads Across United States

At least 24 are dead as a result of extremely hot weather. Hundreds of thousands remain without power in West Virginia, Ohio and Michigan.


The Associated Press reported temperatures of more than 100 degrees in a number of cities with heat warnings issued for the Midwest. Severe storms have knocked out power in the Midwest from Michigan all the way to the East Coast.

Last weekend's storms have left thousands without electricity now they must also battle extremely hot weather, the AP wrote.

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands still had no power in West Virginia, Ohio and Michigan.

MSNBC reported in recent days the state of Virginia saw 10 heat-related deaths, Maryland saw 9, and Illinois, 6. Three of the dead were children, with the rest adults between the age of 45 and 83.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Washington, St. Louis, Louisville, Ky. and Philadelphia also saw temperatures over 100 degrees. The paper reported the extreme heat buckled highways and derailed a Washington-area train.

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