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Anybody got some air miles they're dying to use up? Want to loan them to the True Crime Desk? We're itching to get on board a flight to a now-famous Minnesota airport. No, we're not interested in joining the apparent parade of tourists who are now, according to the Associated Press, flocking to the particular stall in which U.S. Sen. Larry Craig was arrested while allegedly trying to hook up with an airport police officer.

No, the True Crime Desk is itching to go the the land of black flies and zero topography to catch the hearing of State of Minnesota vs. Larry Craig case. Yep, that's the real case title, and the judge in the case has some new rules for anyone who might want to attend.

Prohibited items in the courtroom include all electronic communication and recording devices, and all photo, video and audio recording of the hearing is prohibited. Yep, it's pen and pad time, people.

Paging a courtroom sketch artist in the Twin Cities area! Please send your availability to

Weapons aren't allowed either, we're told. When, dear reader, was the last time weapons were allowed in a court of law for anyone who didn't jump when they heard the word "bailiff" shouted? Please.

There are only 78 seats available, and the media is allowed to enter first. No reserving seats. Public gets to wander in after the media are "satisfied." Can this judge please be convinced to come work in Ada County? When was the last time a judge spent any time fretting over whether the media were "satisfied?"