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Headhunter for BOI?


They're still hunting for someone to run Boise's airport. A search that resulted in three final candidates up for consideration fell through when the city's top candidate backed out, according to Mayor Dave Bieter.

The search is back on. The city might have to resort to using a sort of executive recruiter--a headhunter--to find their new candidate, according to Bieter spokesman Michael Zuzel. But whenever they do hire someone, that person is likely to have a new title. The City Council is considering a name change for the agency that runs the Boise Airport to reflect that it no longer manages the city's bus system.

The new hire will replace John Anderson, who resigned suddenly in August after more than 16 years with the airport. Anderson, who was making $114,491 when he left--making him the highest-paid city employee, according to the Mayor's Office--is now the general manager of the McCall airport.

The Boise Airport Commission met early this year with three possible replacements: Michael Feeley, the director of airport systems for the city of Forth Worth, Texas; Michael LaPier, the manager of the St. George, Utah Municipal Airport; and Thomas Noan, the assistant director of airports in Wichita, Kansas. All three met with Bieter. Zuzel said, without naming names, that of the three, one wasn't a good fit, another decided to pursue another opportunity and a third took himself out of consideration.

"It was just a perfect storm of circumstances," said Zuzel. "There's no doubt in the mayor and council's mind that we won't end up with a great director."

The name change to the airport department, Zuzel said, is unlikely to be more than a formality. He expects it to pass the council soon.