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Head Outside With Collapse Theatre's New Production

Wednesday, Nov. 23-Saturday, Nov. 26


Collapse Theater's productions may be the most messed-up thing coming out of Idaho. But in a good way. Picture a stubble-faced Kelly Broich rearing a litter of baby squirrels, kissing them lovingly before a mock birth scene. While gut-jerking, the production value is so high, and the acting so spot-on that you can't help but be engrossed. And maybe a little grossed out. To call this anything but art would discount how shamelessly the stories are told.

On Wednesday, Nov. 23, Collapse brings you the next installment in its nigh dadaist exhibitions, in the form of Outside, on-stage and live.

If Outside is even half as ass-hat crazy as its YouTube vignettes or previous productions, you're in for a treat. The cryptic press release calls the play a tale about the world's most dysfunctional family. Stars Anne McDonald, John F. Edsall, Autumn Kersey, Phil Tygret and Thomas Newby comprise an agoraphobic, entertainment-addicted family of four. The brave father struggles to keep his family safe from the dangers outside their home.

The troupe's acting has a Tim and Eric Awesome Show quality—schizophrenic and hilarious in its absurdity. But Collapse and Broich are doing that scatterbrained mess one better, and while sometimes crass, there's a lot to be said about stripping film and theater of its typical glossy veneer and whitewashed subject matter. If that offends, the Collapse folk are too busy pushing boundaries to care.