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He Bid a Slam in His Void


Our game is fascinating in the infinite variety of hands that come up and also in the different ways of bidding them. Today's hand was played in the Swiss teams event from Sunday at the Caldwell Tournament, and the auction shown represents a standard system. When Joan Grimm picked up the north hand at the other table she used one of the modern devices or conventions that describes this type of hand. This device is called "Namyats," and uses a bid of 4 diamonds to describe a very strong spade suit with a limited number of losers. Her partner was Lucien Stratton, and he demonstrated great faith in her bid by bidding a small slam in the suit in which he was void.

As you can see, 6 spades is cold against any defense, and in fact Lucien made 7 when the defense failed to cash a heart. West was on lead against this contract and did not know to lead a heart, unlike at the other table where north was the declarer. Joan and Lu went on to win the teams event with their teammates Kathy Dowen and Craig Jones.

Kathy was also the winner of a pairs event in partnership with Doug Bullock, and Doug won another pairs event playing with Kendra Bridges.

Perhaps the biggest win in the tournament was by Pat Sales and Judy Staufer, who won a pairs event and have the fewest masterpoints of all the winners and of most competitors in the event. They also tied for second in the teams event playing with Charlene and myself.

The final pairs event winners were Keith Wright of Boise and Graham Andrews of Coeur d'Alene, who also tied for second in the Swiss teams with teammates Jodie Bistline and Cindy Amos.