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Have Three Courses and Cake with Advertising Guru Steve Hayden

Thursday, May 12, at The Linen Building


In 1984, copywriter Steve Hayden co-created a commercial that would make Don Draper drool. The commercial, a TV ad for Apple, aired during the third quarter of the Super Bowl and featured an Orwellian society destroyed forever by a beautiful blonde. Some saw this as Apple overthrowing Big Brother-companies Microsoft and IBM--others, like George Orwell's estate, saw the commercial as copyright infringement and sued, which took the commercial off the air. But the ad made quite an impression in its short run, winning major awards and remaining in the public consciousness with updates and spinoffs popping up on Futurama and The Daily Show.

Because of this and a host of other achievements, Hayden is widely regarded as one of the most important advertising figures in the last 50 years. Now the vice chairman and chief creative officer for ad agency Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide, Hayden is bringing his vast advertising experience to Boise. For one afternoon only, Hayden will give a presentation to the public and members of the Boise Advertising Federation with a three-course lunch and cake, catered by Open Table. Hayden will discuss his great successes and varied career, hopefully sharing some of his secrets. And, if you're lucky, Hayden may do his best "Hello Moto" recreation: He is, after all, the voice.

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