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Have Some Fun at the Theater With the Rocky Horror Show

Runs through Oct. 31


A night at the theater would typically rule out water guns, flashlights and strange interactive dances. But the Rocky Horror Show is anything but typical.

Perhaps it's that atypicality that has allowed it to retain a cult following for more than 40 years. Or maybe it's just that people really like aliens, sweet transvestites and song titles that rhyme with Janet. But whatever the cause of Rocky Horror's success, it's evident that Boise loves it just as much as the rest of the world.

Stage Coach Theater will once again stage the fantastically absurd work of Richard O'Brien beginning Friday, Oct. 5. The 15-performance run will continue through Wednesday, Oct. 31, with midnight performances on Saturdays, Oct. 20, and Oct. 27.

Dan Allen, Carly Wasserstein, Todd Ryan King, Shannon E. Gans, Jordan Danger Peterson, Joseph Wright, Russell Smith Jr., Eugenia Horne, Kierra Hansen, Coralee Sharp, Melanie Falls, Hailey Jorday and Erin Fahey will bring the story of a newlywed couple's strange adventure to the Boise stage alongside Minerva Jayne, who will once again play mad genius Dr. Frankenfurter.

Rocky Horror virgins can expect an exceptionally interactive theater experience, with veterans singing along and shouting often-outlandish phrases. Purchase a kit of Rocky Horror accessories for $5, and enjoy doing the sorts of things you were never allowed to do during childhood--like throwing toilet paper, shooting water guns indoors and making lots of noise.

Reservations can be made up to one hour before show time by calling Stage Coach's reservation line. A discount is available for students and military personnel with a valid ID for Thursday performances.