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Have One Hell of a Time at The Devil's Carnival

Thursday, Aug. 9


If you delight in the summer pastime of cotton-candy filled, sunny days spent winning stuffed animals, head to a local fair. If you like your carnivals a lot darker and set to music, head to the Egyptian Theatre Thursday, Aug. 9.

Darren Bousman and Terrance Zdunich, who teamed up for 2008's Repo! The Genetic Opera, are fusing music and horror once again. The duo will release The Devil's Carnival on DVD in September, and is touring with the hour-long TV-episode-style film beforehand.

The cast includes talent from all across the proverbial board, featuring 90210's Jessica Lowndes as a gullible teenager, Good Fellas' Paul Sorvino as God, and Zdunich as Lucifer/The Devil, among many, many others.

Basically, a group is cast from heaven and left to wander the creepy (yet kind of awesome) Devil's Carnival, complete with scary clowns, big-top tents, fantastic costumes and lots of music. The outcasts find themselves playing out the fables of the famed Aesop. From the trailer, it looks like a frightening funhouse fused with the film adaptations of Chicago and Water for Elephants.

The screening will feature never-before-seen footage from Repo! The Genetic Opera, a slideshow performance, costume contest (bring your shrunken top hats and circus attire) and question-and-answer session with Bousman and Zdunich.

The event is unrated but may cater more toward adults. "Ringmaster" VIP tickets are already sold out for the Boise screening, but "sinner" tickets (which include the show only) and "carnie" tickets (admission and a signed poster) are still available at