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Have a Porter With Your Poodle at B'Arc and Brew

Saturday, Sept. 22


In 1987, Anheuser-Busch launched a starlet's career in a Bud Light commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. It was a pool party scene with a Western theme, featuring a trio of backup dancers shimmying in cowboy boots with bare midriffs singing about the "original party animal."

That party animal was Spuds Mackenzie, and after that commercial, Spuds enjoyed years in the limelight, surrounded by women and beer as Bud Light's mascot.

And as it turned out Spuds was a girl. And since the end of Spuds' 15 minutes of fame, the beer industry hasn't made any attempt to replace her.

But if there's one thing Boiseans love to do with their canines, it's sit on a patio during the dog days of summer. Unfortunately, the local patio mafia has been cracking down on restaurants and bars all over town this year, banning four-legged friends from languishing in the shade of their owners' tables.

However, booze-drinking pet owners, The Arc and the Crescent "No Lawyers" Bar and Grill are teaming up to put the animal back in party animal with B'Arc and Brew.

The Arc, which assists adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, will take over a space in the parking lot for this first-ever fundraiser. The $15 entry fee gets you a mug and eight drink tickets, as well as access to food and drink specials on the Crescent's patio. Get your pooch all gussied up in his or her best outfit for the costume contest. And maybe think about taking your dog on a few long walks between now and then so that he's all trained up for the rigors of doggie games. There will also be an owner-and-dog lookalike contest.

All the dog activities happen from noon-3 p.m. and then the live music kicks off with Bernie Reilly, Wilson Roos, Rebecca Scott, Emily Tipton and Mr. Betty taking rotations on the stage from 3-8 p.m.