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Have a Park Party at the Eagle Island Experience Festival

Saturday, May 19-Sunday, May 20


Who wouldn't leap at the opportunity to sit at an Irish pub tapping your fingers on a glass full of rich Guinness as you watch Irish folk dancing? Or jet to Spain to sway your hips to the lively guitar strokes in traditional flamenco dancing? Or perhaps even snag a seat overlooking a spotlighted catwalk and gleefully drool over the tantalizing international fashion shows in New York?

The question is less about how much you would like to go, but more about how to afford experiencing these cultural treasures without selling off vital organs. Thankfully, immersing yourself in other cultures has never been more affordable than it is at the Eagle Island Experience Festival. Saturday, May 19, and Sunday, May 20, Gruntwerks will team up with Global Lounge to bring you two full days of multicultural "full sensory" creative arts entertainment—all for free.

The only cost to you is $5 for parking, so make some friends and plan a carpooling adventure.

And if you're concerned that this event is targeted toward an adult audience, which your far-too-mature-for-their-age children still don't quite fit into, think again. The folks at the Eagle Island Experience Festival feel "it takes a community to raise a child" and so, sprightly adolescents will be offered a specially catered list of activities, ranging from nature walks and tie dying to language activities and singing, all of which promote learning, fun and interaction with others.