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Have a Lively Time at Day of the Dead Celebration in Freak Alley

Wednesday, Nov. 2


Yes, brightly colored skulls make awesome tattoos and are an eye-catching form of art. But how much do most of us really know about Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead?

The traditional Mexican holiday honors departed loved ones. Families and friends build beautiful altars in vivid colors, decorated with marigolds and other flowers. The dead also receive offerings of their favorite foods, as well as traditional foods like pan de muertos, or the bread of the dead. It's believed that the dead visit their families and consume the essence of the food—so you may be able to convince yourself that pan de muertos becomes a guilt-free indulgence after the spirits have had their share.

Freak Alley is holding its own celebration on Wednesday, Nov. 2. Doll yourself up like a crazy calavera or don a costume like the dead dame La Catrina, grab your family, and head down to Freak Alley to take part in traditional Mexican dancing, music and a walking costume parade.

The all-ages portion of the event celebrates the strong tradition of art associated with Dia de los Muertos, which includes altars built to welcome the spirits of the dead. Visitors to Freak Alley on Dia de los Muertos are also encouraged to bring art of their own that suits the style of the holiday. The grown-ups can finish up the night at Fatty's Bar from 9-11 p.m., with music from Low-Fi and a stiff drink to jolt some life back into you.