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Happy-ish Holidays



For me, the holidays have long been a study in contradictions. I adore spending time with family, but I think a lot about loved ones who have passed. I grouse about shopping, but I relish finding the perfect present for someone. I dread the *early Boise Weekly deadlines, but I look forward to the extended time off they allow for (the office is closed Friday, Dec. 22-Monday, Jan. 1). The older I get, the faster I come to terms with the inevitable juggernaut that is Christmas and begin to embrace it. Instead of sweating holiday hassles, I remind myself that any other time of the year, I love bright colorful lights, parties, sales and cheery people, all of which are available in mass quantities the last few weeks of every year. Regardless of how I feel about the season—honestly, I'm coming around—it does inform a lot of what's going on in the Treasure Valley and Boise Weekly right now.

On Page 6, News Editor George Prentice talks to one of the owners of North End Organic Nursery about a shortage of Christmas trees and an increase in growing hazelnut trees to meet the demand for Nutella (seriously).

We put together of holiday bazaars, which you'll find on Page 12. If you have a favorite we missed, send the info to calendar@boiseweekly.com, and we'll get it added online.

Staff Writer Lex Nelson spoke to busy Eagle High School Choral Director Seth McMullen about an approaching marathon of concerts and his upcoming trip to Africa as part of an international choral exchange program.

Last but not least, on Page 16, Prentice explains why seeing Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri, the new film written and directed by Martin McDonagh, is as important as remembering to put cookies and milk out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

*Early deadlines: For the issues of Dec. 20, Dec. 27 and Jan. 3, the deadline to reserve ad space is Monday, Dec. 11, and ads are due Friday, Dec. 15. The deadline for calendar submissions for all three of those issues is Saturday, Dec. 9.

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