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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, eh?


  • Pulaw, via Flickr

Most government workers breathed a sigh of relief (indoors) Monday morning when they realized they didn't have to face the unhealthy air quality outside. Most federal, city, county and state offices are closed due to the Columbus Day holiday, as are post offices and banks.

Unfortunately, Treasure Valley kids had to brave the smoky conditions this morning as most schools remained open despite the federal holiday. Boise State University and the College of Western Idaho are both open, and trash collection and ValleyRide bus service are on their regular schedules.

Today is a day off north of the border, too, but not in honor of Christopher Columbus. Canadians are celebrating their Thanksgiving Day and, yes, they mark the holiday with a big turkey dinner.

On this date, Canada takes note of of explorer Martin Frobisher's 1578 arrival in Newfoundland—four decades before the pilgrims landed near Plymouth Rock. For the record, Canada doesn't haven anything insane like Black Friday to accompany their Thanksgiving. They leave that madness to the U.S.