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Hanson Live in Boise


If the awkward, blissfully unaware '90s have somehow left your mind and you've managed to break away from the painfully repetitive "MMMbop" bubblegum hit, brace for a flashback to 1997. That's right--Hanson's baaaaack.

Except they're not the baby-faced trio of brothers they used to be. Now they're all grown up and stylish. The Tulsa, Okla., natives are back with a new album after a three-year hiatus (who knew?) with Shout it Out, their eighth studio album. With their matured sound and new image, the boys will stop in Boise on Tuesday, Sept. 28.

"Waiting for This" has Taylor playing the piano and crooning into the microphone like a British pop singer. The beat is catchy and the other brothers add in background vocals that make the song feel like a Baptist church choir, complete with handclapping. "Thinkin' 'Bout Somethin'," with its funkier beat and brass background, makes for a great music video, complete with Blues Brothers-esque dance sequence. It makes you almost forget these guys were once such a guilty pleasure.