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Hank and Mike


Think of the foulest, dirtiest segment you could ever see on sketch comedies Saturday Night Live or The Kids in the Hall. Multiply it by 10, give it an R-rating for drug use, nudity and foul language, and you've got a movie called Hank and Mike, the worst thing to ever happen to Easter.

Hank and Mike's city is home to Easter, Inc., a corporation that runs the springtime holiday. As Halloween was to Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas, Easter is apparently a big deal in their quasi-fantasy world, and this pair of societal misfits finds employment as Easter bunnies, delivering and hiding candy once a year. But after missing a house on their route, the duo is fired, and their lives spiral out of control. Discovering that no other job is as suited to them, Hank and Mike decide to get their jobs back using any means necessary.

This movie reeks of dirty television for a reason. Characters Hank and Mike are the brainchildren of director Matthew Klinck and stars Paolo Mancini and Thomas Michael, all who starred in, wrote for and produced 1998-99's Canadian sketch comedy Y B Normal?. Their knack for offbeat laughs is astounding.

I'm going to recommend this film to a handful of my friends who have the darkest, wildest senses of humor and don't take offense to anything. Honestly, for everyone else, expect to be offended, confused and/or just plain bored.

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