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Hands on History: The Printmaker's Art

Saturday, June 4, at The Idaho State Historical Museum


Though Twitter's 140-character limit seems restrictive by today's communication standards, brevity was once a commendable characteristic when conveying information. Take, for example, Samuel Morse's first telegram, "what hath God wrought?" or Oscar Wilde's famously to-the-point telegram asking his publisher about book sales: "?" (The reply was "!")

But long before there were telegraphs, word processors or typewriters, printing presses were used to convey information to the community. Printmakers had to painstakingly assemble each individual letter, comma and dash in every sentence they wanted to print.

On Saturday, June 4, the Idaho State Historical Museum will demonstrate the arduous art of printmaking in its Family Hands on History series. Aspiring printmakers are invited to head over to the museum and get some ink on their hands from noon to 3 p.m. Regular museum admission applies.