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Hand Trembler

Friday, Nov. 23, Reef


While Boise has no shortage of solid local bands, there's always room in the gallery for a newcomer, which is why it's welcome news that on Black Friday, the psychedelic indie rock group Hand Trembler will join the local scene with a concert at Reef in celebration of its debut album. Dubbed Circadian (Think Like Them Records, 2018), the album lives up to its nature-themed name with tracks like "Flowers," which features a mellow soundscape of birdsong and Hawaiian waves, and "White Girl Problems," which disects human nature at the cellular level. Blending lyrics reminiscent of 1990s rap—starting with the lines "Well I was just sittin' there / talkin' with the cells in my body / feeling naughty / I guess those chemicals they got me"—with piano and and 21st-century slang, Hand Trembler is guaranteed to offer Boiseans a sonic flavor they've never encountered before. If you're old enough to drink, pencil this party into your calendar.