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Hand-Some Gifts


Everybody needs a helping hand now and again; whether you've been laid off, suffered an accident or disaster, been ditched, snubbed, unappreciated, accosted, maligned--you name it, there are a million reasons why a little help from your friends (or really nice strangers) can make all the difference in the world.

Take this week's feature, for instance. Mark Seeley, whom many may remember as a quirky Boise City Council candidate, advocate for veterans and the homeless, and sometime Boise Weekly contributor (long before my time), was a man on a dark path. Suffering undiagnosed mental illness and haunted by the death of his father in the Vietnam War, Seeley waged a one-man offensive against the Boise Police Department.

That battle could easily have ended with Seeley spending many angry years butting heads with authorities. But, instead, police extended a hand--and that made all the difference. Read the full, remarkable story, by BW News Editor George Prentice.

It also happens that this week marks the inaugural Idaho Gives campaign, carving out 24 hours--starting at midnight on Thursday, May 2--when anyone and everyone from around the state is invited to log on to idahogives.org and donate the amount of their choosing to a slate of Gem State nonprofits.

Finally, while we're all in the giving mood, Boise Weekly is taking the opportunity to ask you all for a little help. For the past 12 years, BW has hosted local artists on its covers--paying not only for the artwork, but compiling all those pieces into a blow-out cover auction and plowing the proceeds into a grant program that goes right back into the arts community.

We're still doing the cover auction and the grant program--don't fret--but this year, BW needs a little piece of the pie. Money raised from sales at the auction, starting with the cover of this issue and ending at the auction in October, will go to help support Boise Weekly. Auction proceeds from covers that appeared before May 1 will, as always, go to support the grants.

Of course, we would much rather continue devoting the entirety of the funds to our cover auction grant, but, like I said, everybody needs a helping hand sometimes--even if it's your own.