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Hand-Painted Bike Bells

No souped-up bike is complete without one.


Every year as the snow thaws in Boise, out come the shorts, sandals and, of course, bikes. If you neglected your once well-loved bike all winter and want to give it a little spring freshening up, local artist Julia Green has just the treat for your two-wheeled sweetheart.

A graphic designer for Whole Foods in Boise, Green hand-paints bike bells, which she sells on her Etsy site, Bits and Bells, for $25 a piece.

"They are painted with enamel paints made for painting on metals and then coated with a clear spray," Green said, adding that the bells are waterproof. "I would say you should also be careful with any hand-painted stuff."

The bells provide a flash of color for your handlebars, but they're not only pretty: Each piece of artwork also functions to alert people you're coming their way. The bells come in vibrant colors and feature one-of-a-kind designs such as donuts, strawberries, peppermints, birds, hedgehogs and elephants.

"They are a bit difficult to paint, only because of the shape of the bell," she said.

Green's site also features original art prints and paintings, as well as screenprinted posters.