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Superhero movies are currently all the rage, so the release of a film featuring an anti-superhero makes sense now, too. And who better to take on a reprehensible character like that than Will Smith (I Am Legend), king of the summer box office smashes.

With the powers of flight and super strength among his arsenal, John Hancock (Smith) is a real live Superman. And while he mostly uses his powers to apprehend Los Angeles criminals and teach lessons to bad guys, he carelessly disregards public property and destroys most everything he touches. Sadly, the public only views him as a nuisance. But after Hancock rescues a local public relations pitchman (Jason Bateman, Juno), the man strives to update Hancock's poor public image. To complicate matters, Hancock has a strange sort of connection with the PR guy's wife (Charlize Theron, Sweet November).

This movie has plenty of action and the dark sort of humor that goes with a heroic figure who's easy to hate. The three stars (Smith, Bateman and Theron) are all well-cast and deliver colorful depictions of their characters.

If you haven't already heard, yes, there's a plot twist that takes the movie off the beaten path in a good way. The rest of the story doesn't delve all that deeply into anyone's psyches and as such doesn't reach any heights. But for a basically fun film to watch, start to finish, Hancock makes like most of Smith's recent resume and simply delivers.

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