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Guy Fieri's Pit Stop at the Morrison Center

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Though not much of a crowd showed for Guy Fieri's Road Show at the Morrison Center on Monday night, Fieri had the people who were there--if you'll pardon the pun--eating out of his hands.

Fieri, the host of the Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, tapped local chef Lou Aaron (Westside Drive-In) and KTVB Channel 7's Ysabel Bilbao to open the show and add a little flavor. Aaron prepared prime rib, Yorkshire pudding and an au jus from scratch while Bilbao humorously explained that she just can't cook.

"People ask my mother all the time, 'Is it true Ysabel can't cook at all?'" Bilbao told the audience. "And she replies, sadly, 'Yes. It's so true.'"

Once Aaron cleared his plates, Aussie flair bartender Hayden Wood whipped the crowd into a near frenzy, spinning not only bottles but drinks as well. Trails of liquor flew out across the people sitting closest to the stage, many of whom may have wished they'd dressed for a Gallagher show--in rain gear.

When Fieri took the stage, the smallish audience whooped and hollered, obviously happy to see him and he quickly came through on the promise of giving his Road Show some rock 'n'roll spice. He coaxed a handful of people from the audience up for an impromptu American Idol-esque singing competition and honors went to a rather inebriated woman who belted out Janis Joplin's "Me and Bobby McGee."

A stop at Pizzalchik for lunch when he deplaned in Boise led to Fieri inviting both owner Brad Breakell and his dough-spinning son, Montana, on to the stage. Fieri asked a couple of young, aspiring chefs to join them and teenaged Montana presented one of them with his chef's jacket, symbolically passing on what is sure to be a lifelong love of food.

Fieri reminded the audience of the importance of getting back to cooking meals from scratch, and as tantalizing smells of garlic and teriyaki wafted through the huge auditorium, he finished up the evening with a story of an early-career meal that unraveled in front a couple who looked like they never went out. When a dollop of Grey Poupon mustard hit the wife square in the forehead, Fieri was sure the drunk husband would do something drastic. Instead, he tipped Fieri $40 and thanked him for one of the best laughs of his life.