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Guru Donuts Gears Up For Grand Opening

Donuts downtown? Yes please.


In a match made in Homer Simpson's heaven, Guru Donuts and Boise Fry Company announced last spring that they would join fried forces and move into the former Le Cafe de Paris space at 204 N. Capitol Blvd. But all's been relatively quiet on the donut, burger and beer front ever since. Until now.

Guru Donuts co-owner Angel Moran confirmed that Guru is now in the hiring process and hopes to open its new permanent storefront in approximately four weeks.

"It's the same plan, it just was delayed quite a bit because that building is quite old and had a lot going on behind the scenes," said Moran. "So Boise Fry Co. is the actual tenant and they're taking that whole space that Cafe de Paris had, so the northwest corner of the Adelmann [Building] and that includes the bakery."

Guru Donuts will occupy Le Cafe's former bakery retail space on the left side of the building, while Boise Fry Co.'s ordering counter and kitchen will take over the right side.

"In the center there's going to be an accordion window and that will open up kind of an indoor/outdoor space and that will be seating for both Guru and Boise Fry," said Moran. "We'll be there in the morning; they'll be there in the afternoon. We may overlap a little bit during their slower time."

In addition to sharing seating, the two businesses will also share a kitchen in the former Gaston's Bakery space located in the basement of the building.

"That's going to be our daily kitchen but they only need it from time to time when they're making all their buns and all the sauces for their stores. ... So we can be in there at midnight till 6 a.m. to make donuts," said Moran.

Guru's new location will also offer espresso drinks featuring Maps coffee, a new line from Grace Organics out of Hailey.

"In between the Capitol and City Hall, to have coffee available I think is smart," said Moran. "But that's definitely going to be secondary; we definitely want to make sure the focus is on the donuts."

Stay tuned for Guru and Boise Fry Co.'s official grand opening date. For more info on Guru Donuts, visit