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Guru Donuts Brings Art to the Table with its Donut Ever Forget Me-inspired Donut


If you've stopped by Boise Art Museum since the Jan. 26 unveiling of artist Jae Yong Kim's Donut Ever Forget Me exhibition, then you already know that his display of 483 ceramic donuts looks good enough to eat. And if the imitation glaze made your mouth water, here's something to sink your teeth into: a vegan chocolate donut from Guru Donuts, inspired by one of the treats in Kim's display.

"It's a raised vegan Bismark, and the filling is a tart raspberry homemade jam," said Guru Manager Jordan Rosengrant about the heart-shaped, polka-dotted donut. "The top is just our vegan chocolate, and then the little dots are aquafaba [a vegan baking substitute]."

  • Lex Nelson
Guru's partnership with BAM to celebrate Donut Ever Forget Me was a no-brainer. Rosengrant said the museum reached out to the donut shop back in December to brainstorm ideas for collaborations, and the Donut Ever Forget Me donut is only the second of many (the first was when Guru appeared at the exhibition's opening reception with tiny donuts for guests to taste).

"We want to try and do some sort of event every month," he said. "We're not really finalized on anything quite yet, but we want to somehow collaborate with Boise Art Museum for one thing a month while [Kim's] exhibition is still in town."

The show will run through Sunday, July 7, so that's a lot of donut-infused months to look forward to.

The heart-shaped donuts currently at Guru are actually modeled after a specific sculpture in Kim's lineup, which guests can check out on a small poster near the shop's cash register explaining the exhibition.

"We just tried to do one that was fairly doable, because some of them are a little crazy," said Rosengrant of Kim's often-intricate and multicolored designs. Using a heart shape for Valentines Day was just icing on top.

Keep an eye on Guru's Instagram and Facebook page to see what its staff comes up with next.