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Guns: The Ultimate Accessory


It could have been worse for Simon Fernandez. Sure, the 24-year-old Nampa resident was sentenced last Monday to four years in federal prison for illegal gun possession. Sure, his sentence was on the high end of Judge Lynn Winmill's sentencing guidelines. Sure, Hernandez had already served four years in prison for aggravated assault and discharging a firearm, and he received his new sentence on his birthday. But really: It could have been worse. At least Hernandez had three-ish years outside of the clink before Nampa police found him riding shotgun in a car with a loaded Glock pistol wrapped in a red bandana under his seat.

On the other hand, one week earlier, Judge Edward Lodge sentenced Douglas Hoskins of Boise to serve more time for hiding more guns in a stranger place, and he received his sentence while he was already serving time. Officers pulled over Hoskins, 41, on March 15 of last year on an outstanding drug possession with intent to deliver warrant. When they searched Hoskins' truck, officers found an SKS Chinese assault rifle, a Winchester .22 rifle and several hundred rounds of ammunition rolled up in a blanket hidden in the engine compartment. Judge Edward Lodge sentenced Hoskins to serve 63 months in federal prison.