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Gunman Took 15 Rounds During Standoff


The preliminary marksmanship scores are in from last week's possible police-assisted suicide in West Boise, and they are: Boise Police 15, Ada County Sheriffs 5.

Three officers from BPD were responsible for unloading the 15 lethal rounds that brought down Tyler Lower, 40, in a Fred Meyer parking lot on November 6. Just two sheriffs deputies opened fire, firing five lethal rounds when Lowery, who had been involved in a standoff with police, raised the gun he was holding in a manner which officers judged "threatening," according to Chief Mike Masterson's description at a subsequent press release.

According to the official tally conducted by Boise Police, Ada Sheriffs and the Ada County Critical Incident Task Force, both city and county cops also deployed "less-lethal" measures including a blast from a taser and a round from the beanbag-blasting shotgun.

Lowery was suspected of threatening his ex-mother-in-law earlier that morning after stealing checks from her. He reportedly told police repeatedly that he was not going back to jail.