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Gun Rights Group Calls For Removal of 'Anti-Gun' Signs From Canyon County DMV


  • Leaflet from Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

An Idaho group, dubbed the "Idaho Second Amendment Alliance" which advocates for the right to carry guns without permits, has Canyon County commissioners in its crosshairs. In particular, ISAA is targeting what it calls "anti-gun signage" at the Canyon County Department of Motor Vehicles, which asks customers not to bring their guns into DMV offices.

ISAA spokesman Greg Pruett said his group has contacted the Canyon County Commission and even the county prosecutor to request the sign be removed, but DMV officials insist the sign isn't breaking any Idaho law because it asks customers to leave their weapons outside instead of banning them outright.

In the meantime, ISAA announced Tuesday morning it is launching a "leaflet drop" to "inform Canyon County residents of the unethical actions of their elected officials." The leaflet includes photos of the three Canyon County commissioners, calling for them to pull down the "anti-gun" signs.