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Guilt-Free Powder


You've heard the news and it's good for Bogus Basin lovers: No, we're not necessarily talking about the fact that Boise's own ski resort is opening for the season today (although, let's face it: for skiers in town, that's the big hallelujah). Even better is the news that Bogus is one of very few resorts in the country that gets better-than-average grades for its environmental impact.

The little nonprofit ski resort above town was the only one in the Idaho, Montana and Wyoming region to get an "A" for its environmental practices.

The Ski Area Citizens of Durango, Colorado is a project endorsed and supported by a number of conservation organizations around the country, including the Idaho Conservation League. To get their grades, they review a number of different criteria, including the level of expansion at resorts and how much those areas work to minimize their use of materials, lands and fuels.

Bogus joins some good company in the "A" group, including Aspen Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado and Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort in Oregon. Those on the lower half of the scale include Sun Valley, which got a "D" for its plans to expand and build new roads in and around the ski area.

Of course, you might argue that Bogus, which is a minimalist nonprofit ski area, is on the list because it has neither the resources nor the property on which to expand or develop. For now, skiers dancing in their boots over opening day don't seem to mind.