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GuerrillaWrench CD Release Party, July 13, The Bouquet


With their latest release, Never Gets Old, local band GuerrillaWrench—Lance Chavez on bass and vocals, Dan Claar on guitar and lead vocals, Kevin Gibb on lead guitar and vocals and Josh Wilder on drums—pounds through eight tracks of their signature thrashy, prog-metal rock. While Never is technically their sophomore release—Heathen Democracy came out in 2005—Chavez told me it's the band's "first real album." He said that they spent more time and money on Never recording, mixing, mastering and producing at Boise's Project Seven Studios. They've had the album since January but wanted to wait for the right time to formally release it. Where to hold the party, though, was never a question. "Our first real gig was at the Bouquet and that's where we wanted to do this." And though they're waiting for the release party to get the CD on store shelves, Chavez says they've sent a few out to friends and fans. "[We] sent one to San Francisco and one to Canada."

"So you've gone global?" I asked.

Laughing, Chavez said, "Yeah, if one guy in Canada is global, then we've gone global."

GW is ready to do a little label shopping, though Chavez said they aren't kidding themselves. "Nobody's quitting their day jobs just yet."

GuerillaWrench CD Release Party with Leaving the Scene and Evologic, July 13, 8 p.m., $3. The Bouquet, 1010 W. Main St.