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Grocers' College No More


Apparently, students and faculty at Albertson College of Idaho got tired of the grocery store jokes.

Last week, the school announced it had dropped the name of its largest benefactor, and is once again simply the College of Idaho. The J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation didn't seem to take the move as a slight, though—it granted the university another $50 million toward the schools' $175 million comprehensive campaign. It's the largest gift ever given to an Idaho school. This donation brings the total given to the school by the Albertson Foundation to $72 million in just the last three years.

So why change the name after 16 years? Seems having a college named after one donor makes it hard to get donations from anyone else.

"The foundation and the college believe that the college will benefit in numerous ways from returning to its original name as it will open many more doors for recruiting and fundraising," said Tom Wilford, Albertson Foundation CEO, in a written release.

While details of just what will be done at the end of the 10-year capital campaign have yet to be finalized, school officials noted that the Kathryn Albertson International Center and the J.A. Albertson Activities Center will keep their names.