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Great Polar Bear Challenge

Friday, Jan. 1


Let's say you wake up from your crazy night of ringing in the new year still feeling drunk. There are a handful of home remedies you might try, such as a strong cup of coffee or a greasy meal or—of course—the hair of the dog.

We know something that will sober you up even quicker and will also help kids with life-threatening medical conditions make a wish come true. Grab a cab to the Spring Shores Marina by 10 a.m. and plunge into the icy cold water of Lucky Peak Reservoir.

It's free to jump (or wakeboard or waterski) in the water on Friday, but participants are asked to raise a minimum of $50. The money goes to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which grants up to 90 wishes for kids in Idaho.

This year also features a costume contest and if you're drunk enough, just getting yourself dressed will probably be enough of a costume to grab attention.