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Grass Widow, Sept. 18, Neurolux


Post-punky, harmonizing surf-rockers Grass Widow aren't riot grrrls. In a statement released to, the trio made their case:

"We want to thrive in our scene as musicians, with a focus on our musicianship first, not our gender ... We acknowledge that movements of the past created by or affecting women ... are hugely influential, but there is potential for the original sentiments to lose potency if the meaning is misinterpreted or not redesigned for a modern context."

San Francisco's Grass Widow belts out intertwined vocal harmonies over precise, almost mathy, guitar arrangements and smashing drum beats. Though all three friends share singing duties, their lyrics are often unintelligible, swelling into lovely, dancing waves.

Check out the video for "Fried Egg" before Grass Widow rolls into Neurolux on Saturday, Sept. 18. The song features the ladies at a slumber party in a sun-scorched field with a silent-vampire-flick-meets-dusty-old-western vibe.