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Graffiti Art Examined at Boise Public Library

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Boise Public Library's hiatus from First Thursday ended at the beginning of this year, and the library has offered an array of interesting activities since then: from a professional performance of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to presentations on wine- and beer-making.

Experimenting in activities for the 21+ crowd was fun, but the library is changing gears and focusing on all ages. This month, Boise Public Library takes some inspiration from Eighth Street's Freak Alley and is hosting a drop-in program all about graffiti art. Stencils, markers and paper will be provided, as well as conversations about the history of wall painting and its prevalence today.

"Graffiti art started as a subculture, but now it's displayed in art museums around the world," said Heidi Lewis of the Boise Public Library. "We want folks to come down and use graffiti art on paper to make political and social statements. ... We want to give people the tools and the place to express themselves."

Lewis is hoping an artist from Freak Alley will speak at the event, but asks those who attend not to practice their new form of expression on city or private property.