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Greetings, readers. I write to you this week from the Denver airport, where I wait to fly back to Boise from our nation's capital, where I was not attending the "Woodstock for Atheists" rally last weekend but trying out for the National Tricksters, the Washington, D.C.,-based version of the renowned trick-turning Harlem Globetrotters. Only two of the things in my previous statement were actually true but if you bought it hook, line and sinker--despite my zero-effort sales pitch--I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I'll cut you an excellent deal on.

Admittedly, my prankster skills need some work, which means I have just less than a week to figure out something better for April Fool's Day, a day that we celebrate within these pages each year at Boise Weekly.

In this week's edition, you'll read about one woman who's working to carve a small city out of her current city, which is already a city within a city. Confused? The story, "A Desperate Housewife in Garden City," only gets more bizarre. Find that on Page 13. But before you get to that one, which is, mind you, poised to become one of the most controversial stories we print all year, you'll read about Idaho's underdog Democratic Party and hear from the inside how the state's Dems are planning to tackle this year's election, which will likely include a race between Idaho Dem darling Nicole LeFavour and longtime Republican Congressman Mike Simpson. Also in News is an update on what looks like it might be a well-organized effort to revisit a local-option initiative.

Further back in the book, you foodies will be curious to know which well-known local chef is taking the reins at one of the city's most-popular eateries as chef-in-chief. Unfortunately, that means leaving his post as the guy behind one of the city's most-popular food trucks. Get the whole scoop in Food News on Page 32. And finally, if, like me, you missed Treefort (see first paragraph), the editorial team here saturated boiseweekly.com with stories, photos and videos of the inaugural music festival. Log on and get caught up.